With 2 Top Ten singles and 1 Top 50 song of the year on the Texas Music Chart, Waylon Pierce's style of music comes from his deep native Texan roots. Influenced by the styles of Waylon Jennings, George Strait and Dwight Yoakam  and blessed with a natural talent, it is no surprise that Pierce has chosen to make music his career.

His deep rich voice hits tones that set him apart from the pack while his acoustic guitar sings warm rich tones of it’s own. While based in Texas, it is important to know that the sound of his music is best described as Old School Country - a little traditional, a little outlaw and a spice of Pierce's own style. Armed with a catalog of original songs and a slew of classics sure to fill the dance floor Pierce has toured the country playing honky tonks and large venues promoting his brand of country music. 

A lot of folks feel the need to “label” music these days as “Texas” or “Nashville”. I am neither - I am just a guy that can sing and write with a mission to share my music and put on a great show just as those that have inspired me have done and continue to do.
— Waylon Pierce

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